Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Anarchists Not For Property

"Anarchists don't believe property is, or should be, the ultimate value of society... Private property is not more important than human life, and it is not more important than individual freedom." -- Eric Laursen, as quoted by Colin Moyhihan, in "Book Fair Unites Anarchists. In Spirit Anyway", New York Times (16 April 2007): B3


Anonymous said...

hardly news, surely? Given that the first self-proclaimed anarchist book was "What is Property?" and the answer was "theft" and "despotism."

Even the US individualist anarchists opposed capitalist property rights, particularly in land. They also tended to call themselves "socialists" as well, incidentally.

The notion that anarchism supports "private property" comes about because some people take certain right-wing "libertarian" claims that "anarcho"-capitalism is a form of anarchism at face value. Few anarchists do (see www.anarchistfaq.org for details).


Robert Vienneau said...

I agree that this is hardly news.