Monday, February 18, 2008

Capitalism Advocates Undressed

I find this amusing. I suppose I should be grateful that somebody with a more popular blog than mine cites me.


Yves Smith said...


I'm sorry you seem not to have liked the link to your post. Frankly, I am appalled limited number of perspectives that get aired in the blosphere (too often it's not that much different than the MSM).

My comments may have seemed rather disinterested, but I have enough argumentative libertarians that your post itself was enough grist to get them going, I didn't need to pour gas on the fire by saying more.

Robert Vienneau said...


I do not dislike you linking. I do find your commentators on that post generally ignorant and off-topic. ("archer" does realize that what some had to say around 1900 is relevant for the thesis I cited.)