Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Robert Paul Wolff Blogging On Books On Sraffa And Marx

Here Wolff provides an overview of Marx, agrees with Morishima that Marx was a great economist, and mentions books by the analytical Marxists. Here he describes Sraffa's impact on interpretations of Marx and provides a list of books (which overlaps with my list of textbooks). Here he briefly overviews each of the books in his list, with the exception of Marglin's.


Anonymous said...

Don´t you think that Mr. Roemer´s work is about reinterpreting Marxian economics with orthodox tools? Indeed, Mr. Roemer isn´t the usual Marxist economist. For example, in the definition of socialism he wrote for the New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, he says "Markets are essential in any complex economy, at least for coordination, and perhaps for incentives".

Robert Vienneau said...

I think Roemer's work uses orthodox tools, and I understand why some Marxists have expressed annoyance with Analytical Marxism. I think how little impact Analytical Marxism has had on mainstream economics, despite being at least, if not more rigorous, than orthodox economics gives weight to the view that mainstream economists are sycophants for capital.

Anonymous said...

little impact Analytical Marxism has had on mainstream economics

Really? I think that if mainstream economists use nowadays such kind of models like the monopsonistic employer or the bylateral monopoly to study labor markets, it´s partly due to the influence of Mr. Roemer´s Theory of Exploitation.

Moreover, I would say that many of the analytically Marxist points of view about topics like Egalitarianism or Equality of Opportunity have been adopted by a lot of mainstream economists.