Sunday, September 11, 2011

Davidson On Obama's Job Plan

Paul Davidson discusses Obama's job plan. The blogger "Lord Keynes" presents links to other reactions to Obama's speech. (I dislike the use as pseudonyms of historical names of still current interest.)


Greg Hill said...

I was a little puzzled by Paul D's claim that higher tax rates on the well-to-do doesn't play well politically. Polls show otherwise, despite the fact that a great many people do, indeed, have an exaggerated sense of their likelihood of becoming rich.

haris said...

can you tell me more about Paul D's claim on the higher tax rate

Greg Hill said...


I don't know if your question is addressed to me or to Robert, but listening to Paul Davidson in the interview, he basically said that higher taxes on high-income households are unpopular because, in U.S. at least, everyone thinks they might become rich themselves one day (perhaps via a lucky ticket in a lottery).