Thursday, June 08, 2017


  • Ian Wright has had a blog for about six months.
  • Scott Carter announces that Sraffa's notes for are now available online. (The announcement is good for linking to Carter's paper explaining the arrangement of the notes.)
  • David Glasner has been thinking about intertemporal equilibrium.
  • Brian Romanchuk questions the use of models of infinitesimal agents in economics. (Some at ejmr say he is totally wrong, but others cannot make any sense of such models, either. I am not sure if my use of a continuum of techniques here can be justified as a limit.)
  • Miles Kimball argues that there is no such thing as decreasing returns to scale.

Don't the last two bullets imply that the intermediate neoclassical microeconomic textbook treatment of perfect competition is balderdash, as Steve Keen says?

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