Friday, January 21, 2011

Krugman On The Importance Of Austrian Business Cycle Theory

Paul Krugman writes:
"Someone, I don’t know who at this point, sent me to this post by Robert Murphy, which is the best exposition I’ve seen yet of the Austrian view that’s sweeping the GOP..."
I think the Republicans are not as coherent as Krugman makes them out to be. They are even less coherent than Austrian Business Cycle Theory.

I don't know that I will pursue trying to publish my rebuttal of Austrian Business Cycle Theory. Some have previously brought up my working papers in discussions of Krugman's blog and column. So far, I have not seen my name mentioned in discussions of this Krugman blog post.


BruceMcF said...

It seems like its work that might be of interest to the Journal of Economic Issues.

Robert Vienneau said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Bruce. It'll take me some time to get my paper in shape to submit.