Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lawrence Lessig Has A Blog

Lawrence Lessig is a lawyer and law professor in the United States. He is most well known, I guess, for his interest in intellectual property law. I take it that he is aware that property rights are shaped and defined by a plethora of laws and customs. I think he thinks that these laws should be judged instrumentally. So I think his views exhibit a family resemblance to those of Dean Baker and those pointed out on this blog in this series of posts.


AaronSw said...

It's always seemed to me that Lessig gives up much of the battle by calling copyright a property right. I (and Richard Stallman, and presumably Dean Baker) would much rather prefer the idea of government-granted monopoly be used.

Anonymous said...

that's not accurate either though; there is the question of the author's moral right to be addressed and it can't just be brushed away as Stallman occasionally tries to do. If someone started editing your comment above to make it look silly then you would presumably object to that, and it wouldn't be because they were interfering with your government granted monopoly.

Anonymous said...

That's about attribution, rather than about copyright as its normally understood. After all, your example dissolves if the name is modified with the comment.