Monday, September 04, 2006

Two Papers Just Published

Han and Schefold
When I listed some papers that I guess contain empirical or applied evidence of Sraffa effects, Han and Schefold's paper was only in draft form. It has now been published:
  • Han, Zonghie and Bertram Schefold (2006). "An Empirical Investigation of Paradoxes: Reswitching and Reverse Capital Deepening in Capital Theory", Cambridge Journal of Economics, V. 30: 737-765.

Walker Reviews Petri
Donald Walker reviews Petri's 2004 book. Walker finds Petri's criticisms of general equilibrium theory, including the Arrow-Debreu model of intertemporal equilibrium well-taken. But he is more skeptical about Petri's proposed solution, adopting a modern classical long period approach. Does anybody know of other reviews of this book?
  • Walker, Donald A. (2006). "A Review of General Equilibrium, Capital, and Macroeconomics: A Key to Recent Controversies in Equilibrium Theory, by Fabio Petri" History of Political Economy: 562-565.

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