Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wittgenstein and Soviet Communism

On being recommended a couple of sources, I have been reading about Wittgenstein's political opinions, especially as in regard to Russian communism. Apparently, he was inspired by Tolstoy and thought a classless society sounded like a fine idea.

While I was looking up old articles in the New Left Review, I took a gander at the "Special Dossier" on Sraffa in the November-December 1978 issue. Sraffa and Wittgenstein seem to have this in common: the documentary evidence on their views on a whole host of interesting topics is slim.

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Anonymous said...

wasnt there a paper by amartya sen a couple of years back in the JEL on sraffa's influene on wittgenstein?

Robert Vienneau said...

Thanks. I gave a complete citation to Sen's paper last April. I've only obtained one paper from the International Symposium on Wittgenstein and Sraffa
Austria, 11-13 May 2006.

Ralph Dumain said...

This valuable bibliography complements mine on Wittgenstein & Marxism. Can't wait to read the Robinson article.

PS: I also have biblios on Wittgenstein & dialectics, and Wittgenstein & Hegel.

Gustavo Lucas said...


thanks for the post. I study economics and the cambridge tradition but i´ve never heard of any interview of garegnani or any NLR dedicated to Sraffa. It´s good to see this people in this context.