Tuesday, January 02, 2007

References On Austrian Business Cycle Theory

In commenting on James' post, I mentioned I have already shown Austrian Business Cycle Theory to be false. If I ever revise this paper, I might want to make it shorter. I might also want to work in some additional references:
  • Hayek, Friedrich A. (1941). The Pure Theory of Capital, Chicago: University of Chicago Press
  • Kaldor, Nicholas (1942). "Professor Hayek and the Concertina-Effect", Economica, New Series, V. 9, N. 36 (Nov): 359-382
  • Klausinger, Hansjörg (2006). "'In the Wilderness': Emigration and the Decline of the Austrian School", History of Political Economy, V. 38, N4: 617-664. See especially p. 650:
  • "...the book [Hayek 1941] could not achieve its aim, because of Hayek's lack of formal and mathematical skills and the impossibility of the task itself. [Footnote:] as taught by the outcome of the Cambridge capital controversies; for a retrospective view, see Samuelson 2001."
  • Lachmann, L. M. (1940). "A Reconsideration of the Austrian Theory of Industrial Fluctuations", Economica, New Series, V. 7, N. 26 (May): 179-196
  • Siven, Claes-Henric (2006). "Monetary Equilibrium", History of Political Economy, V. 38, N. 4: 665-709
Also, one of last two numbers in the 2006 volume of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics is on the ABCT.

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