Thursday, February 15, 2007

Duke Economists On Certain Lacrosse Players

Last month, Roy Weintraub was the first signature on an open letter proclaiming Duke faculty to be welcoming to all students, including lacrosse players.

My take is that Syracuse lacrosse hasn't been that excellent the last two years, since Michael Powell graduated. Even if Syracuse is back on track this year, I don't have a position on whether the local team benefits or not if Duke is banned from the NCAAs, which I assume they will not be this year.

More seriously, I don't have much of an opinion on the rape charges, though I am aware of some of the troublesome stories about alleged prosecutorial misconduct. But I do have a high opinion of Weintraub and find interesting the work of certain Duke economists. Weintraub often writes about historiography and, from the little I know, seems interested in promoting the health of academic communities. I think this letter is an attempt to promote such healing.

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