Thursday, September 06, 2007

For Updating My Blog Roll

I should alphabetize my list of blogs. The distinction between "Blogs I Like" and others has collapsed. The roll is for me, and I'm aware of some of the blogs on the rolls of blogs I link to. So if I know how to get to a blog in two links, I haven't add it.

I might want to add Deirdre McCloskey's blog (Hat tip to Gabriel Mihalache). McCloskey's blog is not a commonplace book, like mine is. She seems to concentrate more on her life and less on economics.

EconoSpeak is the successor to MaxSpeak. It's Max Sawicky's co-bloggers, organized mostly by Barkley Rosser, Jr. (That was his father I mentioned in my program for studying philosophy of math.) EconoSpeak seems to be more about economic theory than its predecessor. On no, competition for Eric Nilsson and me. I should also mention Relentlessly Progressive Economics in this category.

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Gabriel M said...

Wrong! Blogrolls are for Google PageRank. Sweet, sweet, traffic-driving PageRank!