Friday, October 05, 2007

Heterodoxy Again And Other Links

  • Inside Higher Ed has an article about heterodox economics. Some of those quoted and others have commented.
  • A blogger is hosting a reading group for Keynes' General Theory
  • I've thought Matt Yglesias could not accept that his Econ 10 teacher at Harvard is a propagandist, not a scholar. (I'm aware that Matt Y.'s study involved quite a bit of philosophy.) So I am amused to read him writing:
"Have I ever mentioned that philosophers tend to think that economics is vacuous? Which isn't to say that you shouldn't listen to economists. These days, they tend to know a lot of math, and math is a very useful thing."
  • Update (8 Oct):Scientific American has a short article in the July 2007 issue on neuronomics and the empirical falsity of economic man.
  • This post on Post Autistic Economics is interesting for the comment from Bertil, a "French PhD candidate in economics"
  • The Colander, Holt, and Rosser paper, "Live and Dead Issues in the Methodology of Economics" comments on how they see the different distinctions between mainstream and nonmainstream and orthodox and heterodox economics

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