Friday, May 23, 2008

Students at Schools With Interesting Economists

E. Roy Weintraub and Edwin Burmeister are two Duke economists I find worth reading. Here are some Duke students:
Duke, Quaterfinals at Ithaca, 18 May 2008
Below are some Notre Dame students, except for the upper left. Thos are Syracuse University students. I did not ask any Notre Dame fans what they thought of their administration's shameful treatment of some of their economists or talk about an on-line petition.
Notre Dame, Quaterfinals at Ithaca, 18 May 2008
I do not have any photos of U-Mass, Amherst, students, although I did go to Syracuse's last home game of the regular season.

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Anonymous said...

University economics usually starts with the theory that classical economics explains everthing. I prefer teaching A Level (high school) you can go to the heart of the debate rather than worry about obtuse out of touch theories.