Sunday, September 07, 2008

His Cousin Was A Socialist And A Great American

Francis Bellamy Family Gravesite, Rome, NY

Base of Pillar

Francis' cousin, Edward Bellamy, wrote Looking Backward: 2000-1887.


Anonymous said...

And the book's technocratic-elitist "socialism" provoked William Morris to write "News from Nowhere" in response. I know which one I prefer!

And, apparently, "Looking Backward" was very popular with rank-and-file Communists during the civil war years of the Russian Revolution. Which probably helps explain quite a few things...

An Anarchist FAQ

Robert Vienneau said...

I think neither is a lively narrative. After posting this, I've decided to re-read Bellamy. Have you read Ken Macleod? I stumbled into the middle of a series with The Cassini Division. This has chapter tributes to these Bellamy and Morris books, as well as other utopias and distopias. He writes SF about what comes after the supposed singularity.