Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Novel By Ivan Turgenev

What do the following economists have in common?

Clark, Friedman, Galbraith, Keynes, Mill, Walras, Weintraub

Answer in the first comment.


Robert Vienneau said...

They are all pairs of fathers and sons:
John Bates Clark, John Maurice Clark
Milton Friedman, David Friedman
John Kenneth Galbraith, James Galbraith
John Neville Keynes, John Maynard Keynes
James Mill, John Stuart Mill
Auguste Walras, Marie Esprit Leon Walras
Sidney Weintraub, Eliot Roy Weintraub

James Galbraith once introduced his father with, "I have long hoped to have an occasion where I could refer to my father as an economist whose contributions might be compared with those of Keynes and Mill -- with particular reference to John Neville and to James. Tonight I find that I do have the opportunity, but I lack the nerve."

David Friedman said...

Whereas my father's comment was that all the great father/son economic teams had first names beginning with J. I don't know if he knew about the Walras exception. I think that would have been before Jamie Galbraith had become visible--but clearly his father had the right idea.

Robert Vienneau said...

David, thanks for the comment.