Saturday, June 27, 2009

Current Events Foreseen

First Instance

A letter from Ronald Reagan to Michael Jackson, dated 1 February, 1984, five days after the singer's hair was set afire by pyrotechnics during the filming of a Pepsi commercial...

Dear Michael,

I was pleased to learn that you were not seriously hurt in your recent accident. I know from experience that these things can happen on the set - no matter how much caution is exercised. All over America, millions of people look up to you as an example. Your deep faith in God and adherence to traditional values are an inspiration to all of us, especially young people searching fro something real to believe in. You've gained quite a number of fans along the road since "I Want You Back", and Nancy and I are among them. Keep up the good work, Michael. We're very happy for you.

Ronald Reagan" -- Harper's Magazine (June 2009)

Second Instance
This was almost certainly not written last week:
"[James Hansen] said that he was thinking of attending another deomonstration soon, in West Virginia coal country." -- Elizabeth Kolbert, "The Catastrophist", The New Yorker (June 29, 2009): 39-45
And here we have some news:
"SUNDIAL -- Coal miners confronted environmental protesters June 23 during a sometimes tense standoff at a focal point in the battle over mountaintop mining -- a protest that attracted one of the nation's foremost experts on global warming.

NASA climate scientist James Hansen was among the protesters, and West Virginia State Police arrested him during a planned act of civil disobedience. While upstaged in the media spotlight by actress Daryl Hannah, who also was arrested, it was Hansen's presence at the rally that drew widespread interest in the event from the environmental community..." -- Walt Williams

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