Friday, August 28, 2009

On The Road From Mont Pelerin

I have been reading The Road from Mont Pelerin: The Making of the Neoliberal Thought Collective, a collection edited by Philip Mirowski and Dieter Plehwe (Harvard University Press, 2009). One theme I find emergent in this book is the influence of funders (e.g., Harold Luhnow, Jasper Crane) on the redirection of economic thought, without any corresponding empirical evidence.

But I'm not yet ready to offer too many thoughts on this book. Instead I'm interested in the cover photo, reproduced as Figure 1.
Figure 1: Cover Photo
I cannot find photo credits in the book. Presumably, this photo is of attendees at a Mont Pelerin society meeting, maybe the first. Can anybody identify these people? Figure 2 letters them to facilitate referring.
  • F. Ludwig Von Mises
  • G. Friedrich Hayek
Figure 2: Cover Photo with Annotations


JP Koning said...

Hi, I figured I'd help you out on this one since you're the blogger that introduced Hugh Townsend to me, if I recall correctly.

I think your captions are wrong on this one. I found the same photo, except uncropped, at, under the link "Ludwig von Mises, Frank Knight, and Fritz Machlup"

Mises has actually been cropped from your photo. On the uncropped picture linked to above he is on the left, looking to his left. I'm pretty sure Hayek is A, not G, on your photo. And Machlup has to be E. Frank Knight is probably H, and one of those guys could be Ropke.

Robert Vienneau said...

Thanks. I did notice, after posting, that I had cropper from the cover photo. But I did it on the right, not the left, as in your link. So an uncropped photo has at least two more people in it. You're more likely to be correct about who is who than I was.

ACW said...

H is Frank Knight