Sunday, October 04, 2009

Who Should Win The "Nobel Prize" But Won't

Luigi L. Pasinetti and Paul Davidson.


Dan in Euroland said...

I have never read either of them. Any recommended papers? Thanks.

Ian Wright said...

For Pasinetti a good place to start is his book "Structural Economic Dynamics".

Robert Vienneau said...

I think the book Ian recommends is very good. Here are somewhat dated bibliographies for Paul Davidson and Luigi Pasinetti. I have not read Davidson's most recent book, but I have read Pasinetti's most recent one.

Alex said...


Interesting you mention them.

Pasinetti has more chances of not winning it than Davidson. My hunch is that mainstream economists favour some sort of keynesian analysis as opposed to a sraffian one.

And my visits to some of the blogs say that the prize might go to economists (supposedly) working on 'environmental economics'.

If that happens, I wouldn't be surprised as it would be too politically correct and well within the mainstream arena.