Tuesday, March 22, 2011


  • Steve Keen, in the Australian newspaper The Business Spectator simultaneously praises Paul Krugman for building on Hyman Minsky's work, while criticizing him for "embod[ying] everything that is bad in neoclassical economics."
  • Bill Mitchell argues, in last week's Nation, that government responses to the global economic crisis have been based on a series of economic myths. (Will the winning cruciverbalist for the Nation be paid in the "high two figures"?)
  • John T. Harvey also warns, but in Forbes, against cutting the deficit.
  • Branko Milanovic, in a guest post for D. M. Nuti, explains the connection between rising income equality and the global economic crisis.
H/T: Peter Cooper for the links to the second and third links.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Mr. Mitchell always seems to use three words when one would do. It's a pity.

Still, I must not be too harsh, as there is a great tendency to print books that would have done better as magazine articles.