Saturday, May 14, 2011


With the exception of the first two, these links seem more closely related than most I list. I ought to add something about the flash crash.
  • Richard Thaler compares utility to aether, an imaginary substance that 19th century scientists thought existed.
  • Matthew Yglesias misunderstands; he thinks Thaler’s comments apply only to macroeconomics.
  • Donald MacKenzie describes the effects of automated trading algorithms on microsecond variations in stock market volumes:. Some of this sounds like network security applications. You have sniffers detecting what bots are doing, spoofers attempting to fool the sniffers, etc.
  • Kieran Healy reviews MacKenzie's book describing finance theory as performative.
  • A news story reports "Some Users Find the Speed of Light Too Slow for Their Networks", (IEEE Computer, V. 44, N. 4 (Apr. 2011): 18-19). These users are ones trying to decide where to locate their automated trading algorithms.
  • K. J. Ray Liu describes how radio devices will use game theoretical algorithms to allocate spectrum. ("Cognitive Radio Game", IEEE Spectrum, V. 48, Iss. 4, Apr 2011: 40-56)

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