Friday, March 02, 2012


  • Matías Vernengo provides an introduction to the capital controversy. He concludes, like others, including myself, that the neoclassical theory of supply and demand cannot explain factor incomes in a capitalist economy.
  • Philip Pilkington interviews Yanis Varoufakis, concentrating on Varoufakis' views on the errors in mainstream economics and the sociology of economics. Update: The second part of the interview is here.
  • Dan Little reviews The End of Value-Free Economics, a book edited by Vivian Walsh and Hilary Putnam. I have only skimmed the Putnam book that the essays in this book are responding to. I have read Putnam's Reason, Truth and History, which makes the case, drawing on the later Wittgenstein, that facts and values cannot be disentangled in science. And Gram and Walsh's Classical and Neoclassical Theories of General Equilibrium: Historical Origins and Mathematical Structure is a very good textbook introduction to the Sraffian revolution.
  • Open Democracy is hosting a series called "Uneconomics". Hey, one of the articles is by Philip Mirowski. Hat tip: Rod Hill and Tony Myatt.


Unlearningecon said...

This is a great collection of links.

Robert, will you be attempting to get any papers published in the new 'Review of Keynesian Economics'?

Robert Vienneau said...

I don't have anything handy. I do happen to be currently experimenting with a Keynesian business cycle model, but am not sure I will get anything publishable. It has an independent investment function that drives the dynamics of the capital stock. This seems like a defining element of Keynesianism, closely related to the principle of effective demand.

farmland investment said...

Very interesting Robert, maybe you'll share the conclusions once you are done with your work.