Sunday, July 21, 2013


  • Steve Denning, a writer for Forbes, describes Milton Friedman as being the source of "The world's dumbest idea". (I have written on Milton Friedman's confusion. incoherence, and lack of integrity, as well as Michael Jensen's (ir)responibility. See also Unlearning Economics.)
  • Mike Konczal on Philip Mirowski's new book.
  • Henry Scowcroft on the need for communicating economics to the public.
  • Michael Lind on supposedly "Econ 101". Noah Smith complains about the public impression of what economists teach.
  • Robert Neild on a 1981 anti-monetarism petition. I am especially amused about him losing his cool in a debate with Milton Friedman.
  • Mark van Vugt and Michael Price, two psychologists, I gess, comment on Homo Economics. They link to a website which has David Sloan Wilson as editor in chief.
  • Floyd Norris, in the New York Times, explains that Steve Keen foresaw the global financial crisis better than Ben Bernanke did.

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Magpie said...

I found it interesting that in the Atkinson and Lind piece it is the hypothetical efficiency of markets that is seen as establishing that prices reflect values (Myth 4). Apparently, they refer only to durable goods/assets.

Smith did not comment on that point. He didn't comment on points 1 (economics as science) and 7 (need for low wages), either.