Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Ronald Coase, 1910 - 2013

Elsewhere, on Ronald Coase:

  • An obituary in the New York Times.
  • John Cassidy offers an appreciation.
  • Mike Konczal explains that Coase's unintentionally undermines propertarianism (sometimes called "libertarianism").
  • Discussion of Coase at Crooked Timber.
  • An older piece, from Deidre McCloskey, arguing that the "Coase theorem" is misleadingly named.

Past posts from me:

  • The Coase Theorem does not describe market transactions.
  • Elodie Bertrand shows shows Coase was mistaken about lighthouses.
  • Michael Albert argues that building a law and economics approach on the Coase theorem encourages bullying and nasty behavior.

Related past posts from me:

  • Transactions costs make a nonsense out of the textbook theory of the firm under perfect competition.
  • America institutionalists had combined law and economics before Coase's work was picked up.

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