Saturday, May 30, 2015

Data By Country On Gross And Net Investment?

My article demonstrating the empirical soundness of a simple labor theory of value needs updating. In particular, I should calculate the rate of profits on total capital. So I need data on both constant and circulating capital, not just circulating capital.

Or, at least, I need data on depreciation expenses by some consistent set of conventions. In other words, I need data on gross and net investment. Perhaps it would be sufficient for empirical approximations to have this data on the country level for every country or region in the world. I do not expect to find such data broken down for each country by industry.

Does anybody have suggestions or comments on where to find such data?


Anonymous said...

Dear Robert,

Have a look at the "EU KLEMS"database (
For the particular case of Spain, the foundation Ivie did some estimates which can be found here:

All the best. I'll be waiting for your results and analysis!

Great blog, btw


Robert Vienneau said...

Ferran, Thanks.