Saturday, March 11, 2017

Here and Elsewhere

  • A commentator informs me that the True Levelers revived some ideas put forth in the Peasants Revolt.
  • Another commentator points me to Naoki Yoshihara's review of Opocher and Steedman's recent book. Yoshihara has a point, but I think the practice of treating inputs and physically identical outputs as different dated commodities is less applicable in partial models, as opposed to full General Equilibrium. Accountants need guidelines that resist easy manipulation in calculating profits and losses.
  • Antonella Palumbo has a post, "Can 'It' Happen Again? Defining the Battlefield for a Theoretical Revolution in Economics", at the Institute for New Economic Thinking. Palumbo argues that a revival of classical economics, without Say's law, can provide an alternative to neoclassical economics. And Keynes' macroeconomics can be usefully be combined with this revival.

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