Monday, May 14, 2007

Increasing Technorati Ratings

Whether it is realistic or not, I assume most readers of this blog probably have noticed Radek has been writing about me, sort of, lately.


YouNotSneaky! said...

Wait, are you complaining or just noticing? If it's a problem, I won't reference you. I generally write about blogs that I read, and generally try to link to lesser known folks than the big names.

Robert Vienneau said...

Neither. I thought I'd acknowledge that I read your blog. But I don't want to do more work to clarify where I agree or disagree.

YouNotSneaky! said...

Alright. And here I was just thinking about posting something about how it's alright to use aggregate production functions for the pre-industrial economy where capital doesn't play much of a role and land can be considered a non-produced homogenous input.