Saturday, May 26, 2007

Journalistic Comments On Economics

  • David Warsh has a piece on János Kornai's challenges in pursuing a career in economics in communist Hungary. (I don't know if David Warsh reads me. If I interested him, he later did more research for his piece, from which I am grateful to learn.)
  • Chris Hayes has a piece in the Nation on the last American Economic Association meeting. He writes about the unwillingness of mainstream economists to acknowledge heterodox economic ideas. Other bloggers and journalists have already commented on this article. I have yet to see anybody else in these and other discussions reference Fred Lee
  • Many other bloggers have already commented on a Robert Solow review, in The New Republic, of a recent biography of Joseph Schumpeter. I might as well acknowledge I wrote the first draft of the Wikipedia entry on Schumpeter.
Update: Added some links, including reference to Fred Lee.

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