Thursday, November 17, 2011

Keynes Versus Hayek On The Radio

Yesterday, National Public Radio concluded a three part series. Each day surveyed a thinker have shaped the past and may shape the future. I'll ignore the first part, since it was about a deluded non-philosopher. Tuesday, NPR covered Friedrich Hayek. Yesterday, they discussed John Maynard Keynes.


Unlearningecon said...

'For Keynes, consumption — economic or otherwise — was what made the world go 'round.'

Apparently the GMU propaganda has done its job, as people continue to believe flat out lies about JMK.

Anonymous said...

It depresses me that the program designers at "liberal" NPR would include someone like Rand in the same category as the other two. The largest similarity that they shared was that all three wrote poorly at times (though here Rand is in a league of her own).

The fact that Atlas Shrugged focuses on a magnate in the train industry -- the star example of an industry that *cannot* function competitively and without subsidies -- highlights a real shallowness of economic thought.