Monday, January 23, 2017

Festschrifts for Sraffians

We are on, maybe, the third generations of Sraffians. An annoyance and a delight of publicly taking up a topic is that one must continually read advances, whether large or small, in your topic. I've read some festschrifts over the last several decades:

  • Competing Economic Theories: Essays in memory of Giovanni Carvale, edited by Serio Nisticó and Domenico Tosato.
  • Value, Distribution and Capital: Essays in honour of Pierangelo Garegnani, edited by Gary Mongiovi and Fabio Petri.
  • Economic Theory and Economic Thought: Essays in Honour of Ian Steedman, edited by John Vint, J. Stanley Metcalfe, Heinz D. Kurz, Neri Salvadori, and Paul A. Samuelson.

I'm aware of some I have not read:

  • Social Fairness and Economics: Essays in the spirit of Duncan Foley, edited by Lance Taylor, Armon Rezai, and Thomas Michl.
  • Keynes, Sraffa and the Criticism of Neoclassical Theory: Essays in honour of Heinz Kurz, edited by Neri Salvadori and Christian Gehrke.
  • Classical Political Economy and Modern Theory: Essays in honour of Heinz Kurz, edited by Christian Gehrke, Neri Salvadori, Ian Steedman and Richard Sturn.
  • Economic Theory and its History, edited by Guiseppe Freni, Heinz D. Kurz, Andrea Mario Lavezzi, and Rudolfo Signorino. (This apparently is a celebration of Neri Salvadori's work.)
  • Production, Distribution and Trade: Essays in honour of Sergio Parrinello, edited by Adriano Birolo, Duncan K. Foley, Heinz D. Kurz, Bertram Schefold and Ian Steedman
  • The Evolution of Economic Theory: Essays in honour of Bertram Schefold, edited by Volker Caspari.

This post provides another demonstration that at least one school of heterodox economists looks, from the outside, like any other group of academics with common research interests. I have posted about Post Keynesianism in this respect. Likewise, I once listed textbooks.

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